begin meaning in telugu

Word: begin
 Meaning of begin in english - start, come into being, become functional

Meanings in telugu :

kadagu ( కడగు )

Identical words :

beginning - lagaayatu ( లగాయతు )
beginning with - kole ( కొలె )
beginning of the rainy season - tolakari ( తొలకరి )
begin to burn - raazu ( రాు )

Synonyms of begin

do inaugurate prepare lead launch establish make go into introduce go ahead initiate produce undertake set up found create open commence generate activate institute actualize mount originate drive induce effect impel trigger eventuate occasion motivate cause instigate break the ice bring about bring to pass embark on enter on enter upon break ground get going give birth to give impulse lay foundation for make active plunge into set about set in motion emerge take off appear rise come out happen occur sail sprout spring emanate arise dawn germinate bud derive from be born come forth come into existence crop up get show on road get under way grow out of issue forth kick off make tick proceed from result from send off

Antonyms of begin

destroy ignore cease ruin prevent dissuade repress complete consummate fail lose neglect close end stop finish halt conclude check discourage die disappear hide leave

Related English Telugu Meaning

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