believe meaning in telugu

Word: believe
 Meaning of believe in english - trust, rely on, assume or suppose

Meanings in telugu :

ennu ( ఎన్ను )

Identical words :

believer ingod - aastikudu ( ఆస్తికుడు )

Synonyms of believe

hold consider conclude regard accept admit understand have think buy affirm conceive credit deem posit postulate presuppose swallow accredit count on fall for swear by take it attach weight to be certain of be convinced of be credulous be of the opinion give credence to have faith in have no doubt keep the faith lap up place confidence in presume true reckon on rest assured take as gospel take for granted take at one's word feel maintain expect suspect speculate conjecture sense gather guess imagine

Antonyms of believe

disbelieve discard ignore reject disregard deny refuse dispute exclude distrust abandon dismiss forget neglect desert misunderstand abstain stop know

Related English Telugu Meaning

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