belong to meaning in telugu

Word: belong to
 Meaning of belong to in english - accompany, bear on/bear upon, become, characterize, compose, concern, date, touch

Meanings in telugu :

onaru ( ఒనరు )

Synonyms of belong to

follow add coexist supplement complete append co-occur appear with be connected coincide with come with go together happen with join with occur with take place with affect apply involve relate to appertain to refer to touch upon accord augment fit display flatter enrich ornament embellish agree suit harmonize garnish heighten grace match adorn be appropriate go with make handsome set off portray represent outline describe mark indicate identify symbolize define delineate style signalize discriminate stamp brand singularize feature pigeonhole personalize constitute inform differentiate peg individualize designate make up tab typecast individuate button down peculiarize construct comprise consist of build fashion compound go into be an adjunct be an element of be made of enter in merge in regard answer to deal with apply to be about be applicable to be connected with be dependent upon be interdependent with be pertinent to be well taken depend upon have a bearing on have connections with have implications for have relation to have significance for have to do with come from register determine record fix isolate chronicle measure affix a date to carbon-date exist from fix the date of originate in put in its place handle consume use drink utilize interest be a party to be associated with center upon concern oneself with get involved in

Antonyms of belong to

subtract desert abandon leave withdraw refuse withhold decrease mar oppose disagree hurt uglify leave plain mix up confuse destroy ruin demolish dismantle raze disarrange disperse scatter anger arouse distress excite break agitate upset unconcern cower neglect build shrink shy away secrete be immaterial be irrelevant

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