bolt meaning in telugu

Word: bolt
 Meaning of bolt in english - lock, part of lock, flash, projectile, large roll of material, run quickly away, fasten securely, eat very fast

Meanings in telugu :

parigh ( పరిఘ )

Identical words :

bolt fordoor - argaLamu ( అర్గళము )
bolt ofdoor - vishkambhamu ( విష్కంభము )

Synonyms of bolt

screw pin nut rod pipe fastener spike latch lag bar coupling stake dowel stud catch skewer peg staple rivet padlock brad sliding bar shaft dart arrow fulmination missile thunderbolt thunderstroke cylinder package spiral twist coil spindle curl dash rush bound dump skip scamper take off jump leap scoot escape sprint drop out flee fly hightail flight skedaddle abscond spring hotfoot start startle split hurtle ditch bail out cop out cut loose cut out leave in the lurch make off opt out walk out on kiss goodbye leave flat leave high and dry leave holding the bag make a break for it make tracks run like scared rabbit run out on step on it take flight deadbolt stuff slosh consume inhale englut gulp devour wolf ingurgitate gorge guzzle gobble cram scarf slop

Antonyms of bolt

key remain wait loosen unlock dawdle face meet stay stop open unbolt unfasten nibble

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