breech meaning in telugu

Word: breech
 Meaning of breech in english - behind, bottom, clothe, rump, seat, rear end, tush

Meanings in telugu :

muddi ( ముడ్డి )

Synonyms of breech

backside posterior tail can fundament fanny derrière butt buttocks derriere bum drape dress up swaddle swathe fit cloak disguise attire equip do up gown vest habit accouter garb mantle costume spruce rig array endue deck enwrap robe tog caparison raiment outfit invest jacket primp coat apparel endow dud turn out bundle up dizen habilitate dandify bedizen bedrape fit out livery suit up duff beam keister moon tail end prat sacrum croup hindquarters haunches butt end hind end stern

Antonyms of breech

front outside top exteriority uncover disrobe reveal open unclothe take off annex

Related English Telugu Meaning

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