clumsy meaning in telugu

Word: clumsy
 Meaning of clumsy in english - not agile, awkward

Meanings in telugu :

bēdaulu ( బేడౌలు )

Synonyms of clumsy

bulky ungainly unwieldy inept ponderous heavy-handed bungling crude elephantine gauche gawky graceless helpless hulking incompetent inelegant inexperienced inexpert lumbering lumpish maladroit oafish unable uncoordinated uncouth uneasy unskillful untoward bumbling untactful weedy all thumbs blundering blunderous butterfingered clownish gawkish ham-handed ill-shaped lubberly splay stumbling unadept undexterous unhandy

Antonyms of clumsy

adroit agile clever dexterous expert graceful athletic coordinated

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