collocation meaning in telugu

Word: collocation
 Meaning of collocation in english - classification, junction/juncture

Meanings in telugu :

samuchchayamu ( సముచ్చయము )

Synonyms of collocation

designation grade analysis arrangement allocation regulation allotment distribution echelon group apportionment gradation division assignment denomination department systematization consignment disposition assortment kind graduation order disposal organization ordination grouping coordination codification taxonomy grading ordering pigeonholing sizing sorting alloting cataloguing categorizing distributing tabulating typecasting alliance annexation articulation assemblage attachment bond coalition coherence combination combine concatenation concourse confluence consolidation convergence crossing crossroads dovetail elbow gathering gore hinge intersection joint linking meeting node pivot reunion seam splice terminal weld conjugation coupling hookup tie-in tie-up knee concursion interface joining miter mortise

Antonyms of collocation

disorganization keeping retention disunion divorce estrangement separation parting severance division

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