commit meaning in telugu

Word: commit
 Meaning of commit in english - perform an action, deliver, entrust

Meanings in telugu :

oppianchu ( ఒప్పించు )

Synonyms of commit

do execute violate perpetrate carry out pull accomplish complete effectuate contravene wreak scandalize trespass achieve offend enact sin pull off transgress go for broke go in for go out for engage offer invest give send charge promise allocate hold authorize confide move dispatch ordain commend ice convey relegate delegate transfer submit commission destine allot deputize empower consign apportion shift institutionalize remove employ deposit imprison hand over put away depute intrust confer trust depend upon give to do grant authority leave to make responsible for put in the hands of rely upon

Antonyms of commit

abstain compliment obey cease desist loaf wait fail idle miss neglect leave stop give up behave end rest keep keep from release refuse withhold deny reject disallow disapprove conceal hide remain dissuade retract let go cancel take fix stay

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