consciousness meaning in telugu

Word: consciousness
 Meaning of consciousness in english - knowledge

Meanings in telugu :

mati ( మతి )

Synonyms of consciousness

apprehension sensibility alertness awareness recognition mindfulness regard carefulness cognizance heedfulness realization

Antonyms of consciousness

ignorance disregard carelessness inattention negligence thoughtlessness senselessness unconsciousness neglect

Related English Telugu Meaning

consecrated thingconsecratingconsecration by prayersconsentconsented toconsequence of actionconsequenceconsequentlyconsiderconsiderationconsidered as the seat of intellect inclinationconsideringconsignedconsignmentconsistentconsisting of offerings with water and fireconsisting ofpair of leathern bottles of oilconsolationconsoleconsoled
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