consider meaning in telugu

Word: consider
 Meaning of consider in english - turn over in one's mind, regard a certain way

Meanings in telugu :

eanchu ( ఎంచు )

Identical words :

As noun :
consideration - yōchan ( యోచన )
As adjective :
considering - talapu ( తలపు )

Synonyms of consider

scrutinize grant recognize study examine favor see contemplate acknowledge ponder ruminate scan deliberate inspect muse excogitate reflect reason meditate concede consult speculate revolve envisage take into account take up look at deal with allow for assent to chew over dream of flirt with keep in mind mull over perpend provide for reckon with see about subscribe to take under advisement think out think over toss around hold feel analyze deem respect believe view remember credit suppose sense judge estimate appraise bear in mind care for hold an opinion keep in view look upon make allowance for set down take for

Antonyms of consider

refuse ignore disregard discard reject forget neglect look away dismiss abandon leave

Related English Telugu Meaning

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