contrary meaning in telugu

Word: contrary
 Meaning of contrary in english - antagonistic, opposite

Meanings in telugu :

vengadamu ( వెంగడము )

Identical words :

contrary to principles - adharmamu ( అధర్మము )
contrary to the natural course - pratilōmamu ( ప్రతిలోమము )
contrary course - pratyavaayamu ( ప్రత్యవాయము )

Synonyms of contrary

inimical conflicting antithetical hostile negative adverse contradictory inconsistent discordant opposed converse reverse counter nonconformist antipodal refractory dissident antipathetic balky clashing contumacious diametric froward headstrong insubordinate intractable nonconforming obstinate ornery perverse rebellious recalcitrant restive stubborn unruly wayward antipodean wrongheaded paradoxical recusant contrariant

Antonyms of contrary

friendly kind harmonious agreeing similar conforming accommodating alike homogeneous obliging agreeable consistent equal same concordant

Related English Telugu Meaning

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