contrivance meaning in telugu

Word: contrivance
 Meaning of contrivance in english - plan, fabrication, gadget

Meanings in telugu :

veravu ( వెరవు )

Identical words :

contrivancewit - hōr ( హోర )

Synonyms of contrivance

gimmick ruse artifice dodge stratagem twist angle plot machination expedient slant project trick switch invention design measure formation inventiveness scheme intrigue brainchild coinage contraption creation tackle harness apparatus instrument mechanism machine equipment discovery engine widget gear utensil tool material device gimcrack appliance convenience thingamajig implement whatsis

Antonyms of contrivance


Related English Telugu Meaning

contrivancewitcontrivecontrivedcontrol of the passionscontrolcontrollablecontrolling the passionscontroversycontumacycontumelyconvenienceconvenientconventconventionconventional term in any scienceconversantconversationconversationalevil and goodconvetousnessconvey
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