coolly meaning in telugu

Word: coolly
 Meaning of coolly in english - easily, calmly, casually, indifferently, modestly, shrewdly, soberly

Meanings in telugu :

minnak ( మిన్నక )

Synonyms of coolly

regularly handily smoothly freely well quickly comfortably simply surely readily competently evenly hand over fist hands down lightly nothing to it piece of cake plainly steadily swimmingly effortlessly conveniently efficiently dexterously facilely fluently just like that like nothing no sweat uncomplicatedly with ease with no effort without a hitch without trouble peacefully sedately serenely collectedly composedly motionlessly tranquilly unexcitedly unhurriedly carelessly offhandedly informally lackadaisically reservedly unconcernedly unemotionally nonchalantly reasonably cheaply moderately sensibly knowingly slyly smartly carefully deliberately cleverly intelligently keenly artfully judiciously deftly skillfully adroitly sagaciously cunningly deceptively foxily guilefully perspicaciously trickily solemnly quietly temperately unimpassionedly

Antonyms of coolly

difficultly insufficiently questionably doubtedly dubitably boldly boastfully immodestly pretentiously excitedly cheerfully drunkenly hilariously

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