crossed meaning in telugu

Word: crossed
 Meaning of crossed in english - traverse an area, intersect, lie across, hybridize, mix, betray, hinder

Meanings in telugu :

vitirnamu ( వితీర్ణము )

Synonyms of crossed

span navigate sail ply cruise pass over bridge overpass voyage zigzag meet transverse cut across ford extend over go across move across crisscross divide crosscut bisect intertwine decussate lace intercross lie athwart of rest across mingle blend interbreed crossbreed mongrelize cross-fertilize cross-pollinate cross-mate block obstruct buck deny sell stymie flummox cramp stonewall frustrate resist foil impede oppose crab backtalk stump crimp interfere snafu double-cross foul up sell out stab in the back take on louse up bollix have bone to pick knock props out

Antonyms of crossed

disconnect disjoin remain abet aid assist stay divide part separate help unmix facilitate support allow go along encourage

Related English Telugu Meaning

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