crush meaning in telugu

Word: crush
 Meaning of crush in english - crowd of animate beings, infatuation, compress, smash, defeating soundly, humiliate

Meanings in telugu :

mardianchu ( మర్దించు )

Identical words :

crush closeness - dondadi ( దొందడి )

Synonyms of crush

throng horde multitude huddle tumult gathering push jam party drove passion desire torch flame love affair puppy love beguin crumble beat bruise squash break trample squeeze pound embrace powder total pulverize tread crunch hug express wrinkle squish buck enfold romp bray rumple crease triturate contuse comminute contriturate kablooey demolish annihilate subdue wreck suppress ruin stamp out overpower overwhelm quell kill squelch strangle overcome vanquish obliterate reduce ice conquer subjugate extinguish bear down blot out blow away force down hurt dispose of put down dump chagrin shame abash mortify browbeat

Antonyms of crush

dislike hate hatred peace put together release surrender build up compliment praise let go pull smooth unwrinkle lose yield encourage inspirit uncompress construct create aid repair help start

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