cure meaning in telugu

Word: cure
 Meaning of cure in english - solution to problem, often health, heal, ease bad situation, cook, age food

Meanings in telugu :

nivaarianchu ( నివారించు )

Synonyms of cure

medication recovery fix drug quick fix remedy panacea treatment elixir medicine antidote healing reparation nostrum help corrective alleviation assistance redress aid medicament physic therapeutic placebo proprietary catholicon countermeasure counteractant counteragent elixir vitae healing agent medicant pharmacon restora-tive restore repair relieve rehabilitate mend alleviate rectify ameliorate improve right palliate doctor attend dose better medicate shake nurse kick cold turkey dry out kick the habit make better make healthy make whole minister to quit cold restore to health sweat it out preserve smoke steel fire salt keep harden pickle temper

Antonyms of cure

injury blockage hindrance hurt obstruction disease stop problem damage destroy injure ruin harm weaken worsen ignore break spoil neglect depress

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