declaration meaning in telugu

Word: declaration
 Meaning of declaration in english - assertion of belief or knowledge, official proclamation

Meanings in telugu :

sankalpamu ( సంకల్పము )

Synonyms of declaration

enunciation saying bomb disclosure communication profession pitch spiel announcement story acknowledgment promulgation revelation admission exposition avowal answer presentation notice statement information explanation averment deposition affirmation advertisement report publication broadcast remark notification oath protestation attestation utterance allegation testimony expression hot air say so two cents' worth creed credo manifesto constitution charge indictment edict confirmation canon pronouncement acclamation ultimatum plea article document affidavit denunciation testament gospel resolution bulletin

Antonyms of declaration

secret quiet silence denial ignorance question disavowal retraction

Related English Telugu Meaning

declareddeclinedeclineddeclining fromheightdecoctiondecorateddecorating the feet with saffron powderdecoratingdecoration of the hair with flowersdecorationdecreasedecreedecrepitdecrepitudededicationdeductiondeed action in generaldeed improper to be done bybrahmin an unbrahminicaldeed of dissolution of partnershipdeed of release from all demands
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