decree meaning in telugu

Word: decree
 Meaning of decree in english - mandate, legal order, order rule or action

Meanings in telugu :

vyavasth ( వ్యవస్థ )

Synonyms of decree

edict statute instruction directive announcement proclamation injunction regulation ruling law judgment commandment direction dictum rap promulgation ordinance enactment prescript pronouncement charge precept behest say bidding declaration ukase charging decretum the riot act the word impose dictate declare proclaim set force decide oblige compel require ordain prescribe determine demand constrain lay down the law read the riot act

Antonyms of decree

answer disorganization lawlessness hinder delay hesitate conceal hide

Related English Telugu Meaning

decrepitdecrepitudededicationdeductiondeed action in generaldeed improper to be done bybrahmin an unbrahminicaldeed of dissolution of partnershipdeed of release from all demandsdeeddeep bluedeep breathingdeep considerationdeep crackdeep pitdeep saucerdeep seateddeep sighingdeep sleepdeepdeer andbird
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