delight meaning in telugu

Word: delight
 Meaning of delight in english - enjoyment, happiness, make happy, experience happiness

Meanings in telugu :

sukhamu ( సుఖము )

Identical words :

As adjective :
delightful - ramyamu ( రమ్యము )
delighted - hraaditamu ( హ్రాదితము )

Synonyms of delight

satisfaction glee contentment pleasure jollity hilarity rapture fruition delectation enchantment ecstasy felicity gratification mirth gladness relish transport joyance satisfy gratify rejoice thrill attract amuse please cheer entertain charm enrapture wow fascinate allure exult glory ravish jubilate slay send score gladden divert groove freak out hit the spot knock out turn on arride be the ticket delectate go over big knock dead tickle pink

Antonyms of delight

discontent dissatisfaction sadness sorrow dislike hate hatred dismay melancholy unhappiness depression disappointment misery pain trouble anger dissuade frustrate annoy offend bring down dishearten tire displease refuse disgust distress upset disturb discourage repel repulse bore disenchant

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