dig meaning in telugu

Word: dig
 Meaning of dig in english - insult, delve into, hollow out, thrust object into, investigate, discover, enjoy, like, understand

Meanings in telugu :

toluchu ( తొలుచు )

Identical words :

As noun :
dignity - sthaanamu ( స్థానము )
digging instrument - karramad ( కర్రమడ )
digested - jirnamu ( జీర్ణము )

Synonyms of dig

gibe cut quip slur taunt jeer innuendo crack sneer wisecrack cutting remark unearth search shovel drill dredge go into penetrate exhume bulldoze scoop sift burrow clean enter uncover bore gouge harvest excavate depress pierce grub quarry channel tunnel pit rout probe drive cat till produce undermine deepen sap root spade break up concave turn over hoe dig down fork out root out scoop out punch poke stick sink plunge nudge ram stab jog jab retrieve find prospect inquire expose extricate research bring to light come across come up with look into search high and low shake down turn inside out turn upside down love mind appreciate follow groove relish go for catch see apprehend recognize accept comprehend take grasp

Antonyms of dig

compliment praise flattery exit increase dislike misunderstand bury withdraw cover fill strengthen not get dissuade repress discourage hate scorn disregard neglect refuse reject disallow avoid

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