disgusted meaning in telugu

Word: disgusted
 Meaning of disgusted in english - sickened, offended

Meanings in telugu :

isadilu ( ఇసడిలు )

Synonyms of disgusted

queasy tired unhappy weary displeased nauseated fastidious fed up nauseous overwrought squeamish outraged appalled repelled scandalized abhorred satiated revolted repulsed full up grossed out had bellyful had enough had it sick and tired of sick of teed off turned off

Antonyms of disgusted

delighted desirous pleased activated fresh attracted

Related English Telugu Meaning

disgusting mandisgustingdish containingnumber of ingredientsdish made of grits of roasted ricedish made of rice boiled with green gramdish of rice and pulsedish of vegetablesdishdishevelled hairdishevelleddishevelledas hairdishonestdishonestydishonourdishonourabledisinclinationloathingdisjunctiondislikedislikeddislocated
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