disgusting meaning in telugu

Word: disgusting
 Meaning of disgusting in english - sickening, repulsive

Meanings in telugu :

hēyamu ( హేయము )

Identical words :

disgusting man - rōsubadi ( రోసుబడి )

Synonyms of disgusting

distasteful vile horrific scandalous objectionable vulgar loathsome creepy odious outrageous nasty abominable hateful awful gruesome shocking obnoxious repugnant shameless stinking gross foul revolting cloying nauseating beastly detestable frightful ghastly hideous icky lousy macabre monstrous noisome offensive repellent rotten sleazy yucky horrid satiating surfeiting grody nerdy scuzzy sleazeball

Antonyms of disgusting

pleasant pleasing kind polite lovable delightful magnificent wonderful moral friendly beautiful attractive desirous agreeable nice good decent great likeable

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