distant meaning in telugu

Word: distant
 Meaning of distant in english - faraway, aloof

Meanings in telugu :

viprakrishtamu ( విప్రకృష్టము )

Identical words :

distant relation - antalapontalavaadu ( అంతలపొంతలవాడు )
distant relations - andipondinavaaru ( అందిపొందినవారు )
distant kinsman - sagōtrudu ( సగోత్రుడు )

Synonyms of distant

secluded far-flung remote inaccessible isolated far-off obscure removed abroad abstracted apart asunder backwoods farther further indirect out-of-the-way outlying retired secret separate unapproachable yonder a piece beyond range far back in the background in the boonies in the distance in the sticks middle of nowhere not home out of earshot out of range out of reach sequestered telescopic ways wide of arm's length cold arrogant ceremonious cool formal haughty modest proud reserved restrained reticent retiring shy solitary standoff standoffish stiff stuck-up unconcerned unfriendly unsociable uppity withdrawn insociable laid back on ice put on airs

Antonyms of distant

adjacent nearby neighboring friendly kind mingling public approachable close sympathetic

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