eager meaning in telugu

Word: eager
 Meaning of eager in english - anxious, enthusiastic

Meanings in telugu :

vyagramu ( వ్యగ్రము )

Identical words :

As noun :
eagerness - hōraat ( హోరాట )

Synonyms of eager

restless thirsty hungry greedy impatient keen ambitious longing hankering yearning earnest intent wild craving acquisitive agog antsy ardent athirst avid breathless covetous desiring desirous fervent fervid gung ho heated hot restive solicitous vehement voracious wishful zealous pining appetent champing at the bit dying to hot to trot ready and willing self-starting warmblooded

Antonyms of eager

satisfied apathetic disinterested dispassionate unconcerned uneager

Related English Telugu Meaning

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