efficacious meaning in telugu

Word: efficacious
 Meaning of efficacious in english - efficient, productive

Meanings in telugu :

saphalamu ( సఫలము )

Identical words :

efficaciousness - balamu ( బలము )

Synonyms of efficacious

effectual effective active adequate capable competent energetic influential operative potent powerful serviceable strong successful useful virtuous

Antonyms of efficacious

impotent incapable unproductive useless inefficacious inefficient unsuccessful

Related English Telugu Meaning

efficaciousnessefficacyeffigyefforteffusionegg planteggegotismeight personseighteightheightyeither as regards sizeeither feither goodeither in the maleeither intowneither of flavourseither of the lunareither of the sun ofpungent taste
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