entanglement meaning in telugu

Word: entanglement
 Meaning of entanglement in english - complication, predicament

Meanings in telugu :

hatt ( హత్త )

Synonyms of entanglement

liaison imbroglio affair cobweb jumble tangle complexity tie-up embroilment mess confusion muddle embarrassment mesh knot snare association difficulty intricacy trap toil involvement mix-up intrigue enmeshment ensnarement

Antonyms of entanglement

clarity calm simplicity order organization line peace ease

Related English Telugu Meaning

enterentered intoentered uponas an affairenteredentering uponenteringenterpriseentertainment given tofriend on the occasion of his departureentertainmententhusiasmentire filledentireentirelyentiretyentrailentrance intohouseentranceentreatentreatyentrust
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