faith meaning in telugu

Word: faith
 Meaning of faith in english - trust in something, belief in a higher being, community of believers

Meanings in telugu :

visuvaasamu ( విసువాసము )

Identical words :

As adjective :
faithful - saacha ( సాచా )
faithless wife - asati ( అసతి )
faithfulness tohusband - iluvu ( ఈలువు )
faithful wife - garit ( గరిత )
faithfulness inwife - paatipratyamu ( పాతిప్రత్యము )

Synonyms of faith

confidence conviction acceptance loyalty truth hope truthfulness certitude fealty faithfulness credence constancy surety certainty assent allegiance reliance credit dependence store sureness fidelity troth assurance stock credulity denomination religion sect doctrine church teaching principle credo piety dogma revelation creed confession profession tenet piousness connection canon theology cult communion gospel persuasion worship orthodoxy

Antonyms of faith

disbelief disloyalty dishonesty treachery distrust faithlessness unsteadiness doubt uncertainty misgiving skepticism denial rejection unbelief lying inconstancy suspicion agnosticism

Related English Telugu Meaning

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