fan meaning in telugu

Word: fan
 Meaning of fan in english - blower of air, person enthusiastic about an interest, blow on, provoke

Meanings in telugu :

vyajanamu ( వ్యజనము )

Identical words :

As noun :
fancy - mōzu ( మోు )
fang - kōr ( కోర )

Synonyms of fan

leaf blade draft propeller vane windmill ventilator air conditioner flabellum palm leaf thermantidote devotee lover follower admirer supporter buff adherent freak aficionado votary zealot addict amateur hound groupie habitué rooter ventilate ruffle aerate winnow refresh spread cool air-condition air-cool whip up arouse excite extend agitate increase enkindle stimulate expand work up impassion add fuel

Antonyms of fan

adversary enemy opponent close calm lull quiet abridge decrease lessen shorten bore contract lower

Related English Telugu Meaning

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