felt meaning in telugu

Word: felt
 Meaning of felt in english - touch, stroke, experience, believe

Meanings in telugu :

teliyu ( తెలియు )

Synonyms of felt

try perceive sense caress twiddle manipulate fondle poke paw wield tickle grapple finger frisk test fumble grip handle ply palpate explore press squeeze clasp pinch clutch grasp grope maul palm thumb apperceive run hands over enjoy taste accept see have seem suffer appear acknowledge suggest go through notice get welcome understand receive appreciate endure meet exhibit remark resemble savor comprehend note observe undergo encounter discern be affected be aware of be excited be impressed be sensible of be sensitive be turned on to get in touch get vibes have a hunch have funny feeling have vibes take to heart consider assume hold think guess suspect conclude gather conjecture intuit credit deduce deem suppose esteem presume judge repute infer surmise be convinced be of the opinion

Antonyms of felt

manhandle release disbelieve overlook leave alone let go give lack need refuse reject renounce repudiate disallow ignore disregard surrender misunderstand want neglect yield miss turn away misinterpret be real measure forget abandon

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