flour meaning in telugu

Word: flour
 Meaning of flour in english - powder, pulverize

Meanings in telugu :

saktuvu ( సక్తువు )

Identical words :

As noun :
flourish - pravardhillu ( ప్రవర్ధిల్లు )
flour and sugar - timmanamu ( తిమ్మనము )
flour boiled in steam - pittu ( పిట్టు )
flourishes - pooje ( పూజె )
flour consisting ofmixture of several substances used in making liquors - peLlemu ( పెళ్లెము )

Synonyms of flour

grate pound rasp crunch strew bray smash reduce cover scrape grind dredge abrade file dust crumble granulate scatter triturate comminute pestle shatter mull buck fragment splinter fragmentize crush beat mill atomize break up contriturate fragmentalize levigate

Antonyms of flour

solidify build surrender construct create

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