furious meaning in telugu

Word: furious
 Meaning of furious in english - extremely angry, very mad, stormy, turbulent

Meanings in telugu :

ugramu ( ఉగ్రము )

Identical words :

furious man - chandudu ( చండుడు )

Synonyms of furious

enraged frenzied raging vehement livid violent frantic desperate incensed fierce frenetic bent beside oneself boiling crazed demented fit to be tied infuriated insane irrational maniac rabid unreasonable up in arms vicious wrathful bent out of shape browned off bummed out corybantic fuming hacked hopping mad maddened on the warpath smoking steamed agitated intense blustery boisterous concentrated excessive exquisite flaming impetuous rough savage tempestuous terrible tumultous/tumultuous ungovernable unrestrained wild intensified blustering

Antonyms of furious

cheerful peaceful elated excited exhilarated pleased calm happy gentle mild moderate

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