furnish meaning in telugu

Word: furnish
 Meaning of furnish in english - decorate, supply, give, reveal information

Meanings in telugu :

amarchu ( అమర్చు )

Synonyms of furnish

provide equip fix up rig appoint gear fit endow purvey outfit accoutre apparel array clothe provision arm store stock turn out feather a nest fit out line a nest make habitable afford hand over turn over dispense feed offer transfer grant deliver bestow

Antonyms of furnish

conceal hide unclothe waste secret leave plain unfurnish withhold deny refuse take receive

Related English Telugu Meaning

furniturefurrowfurther onfurtherfuryfuse used to firegun withfusefuturefæcesfœtus ofmarefœtuschildgable end ofhousegad flygadflygagdifficultygaietygaingainedgaitgall as large asnutmeg
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