gall meaning in telugu

Word: gall
 Meaning of gall in english - nerve, brashness, upset, irritate, rub raw

Meanings in telugu :

pittamu ( పిత్తము )

Identical words :

As noun :
gallery - sarambi ( సరంబీ )
gallon - tavv ( తవ్వ )
gallantry - dhairyamu ( ధైర్యము )
As adjective :
gallant - shidgudu ( షిడ్గుడు )
gall as large asnutmeg - uppi ( ఉప్పి )
gall nut - maachi ( మాచి )
galled sore - laadi ( లాడి )
gallopping - vayaaLi ( వయాళి )

Synonyms of gall

chutzpah self-importance malice rancor animosity presumption confidence spite malevolence guts arrogance venom impudence haughtiness impertinence sauciness hostility brazenness pomposity brass effrontery conceit cheek bitterness acrimony insolence crust cynicism overbearance annoy bedevil disturb nag exasperate peeve vex rile irk torment chafe aggravate ruffle chide bother burn scrape inflame harass plague roil harry grate trouble provoke pester worry fret frazzle abrade excoriate erode scuff scratch corrode graze wear file skin bark

Antonyms of gall

humility benevolence friendliness fear meekness manners modesty shyness kindness sympathy love respect timidity politeness sweetness reservations aid soothe calm comfort delight appease alleviate pacify placate assist enliven exhilarate make happy please help cool put out quench support cheer encourage build

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