gallant meaning in telugu

Word: gallant
 Meaning of gallant in english - brave, splendid

Meanings in telugu :

shidgudu ( షిడ్గుడు )

Identical words :

As noun :
gallantry - dhairyamu ( ధైర్యము )

Synonyms of gallant

noble gritty fearless courtly plucky valiant quixotic honorable courageous heroic game bold daring grand attentive considerate courteous dashing dauntless dignified doughty glorious gracious hairy intrepid lionhearted lofty magnanimous polite stately stouthearted suave thoughtful urbane valorous

Antonyms of gallant

cowardly timid meek unwilling ungentlemanly unmannerly unrefined afraid fearful

Related English Telugu Meaning

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