give up meaning in telugu

Word: give up
 Meaning of give up in english - give in/give up, abdicate, abnegate, abstain, back down, back out, break, capitulate, cede, chicken out, comply, concede, consent, cut out, deliver, desert, desist, discard, discontinue, dispense with, do without, drop, drop out, end, eschew, extradite, fall, forsake, forswear, hand over, kick, lay off, leave, leave off, lose, quit, refrain, relent, render, renounce, scrub, sell/sell out, shelve, turn over, vacate, write off, yield, back off, knuckle under, cry uncle, despond, quitclaim, refund

Meanings in telugu :

viduchu ( విడుచు )

Synonyms of give up

abandon bail out bow out cease collapse despair fold pull out relinquish resign stop submit surrender waive walk out on buckle under cave in drop like a hot potato take the oath throw in the towel wash one's hands of forgo step down retire abjure withdraw leave in the lurch opt out demit bag it leave high and dry leave holding the bag forbear decline reject withhold shun refuse spurn avoid fast curb evade pass constrain pass up starve deny oneself fence-sit give the go by go on the wagon keep from sit on the fence sit out take the cure take the pledge sit on one's hands balk renege backtrack take back cancel admit retreat accede acquiesce cop out demur hold back recant recoil pull back back pedal beg off give ground go back on have no fight left wimp out withdraw from agreement or statement scratch welsh blow it off get cold feet shy from weasel out wiggle out worm out interrupt pause suspend rest defer succumb come across put out come to terms give away the store give out grant transfer communicate alien accord convey alienate allow vouchsafe deed sign over abalienate come across with fork over make over part with remise throw in the sponge make concessions funk out give way have no stomach for turn yellow satisfy obey observe ditto perform mind fulfill discharge respect agree to play ball adhere to come around conform to consent to fit in go along with go with the flow knuckle to play the game roll over and play dead shape up stay in line straighten up throw in towel toss it in yes one don't make waves don't rock the boat confess accept award avow bury the hatchet let on fess up own up play ball with say uncle subscribe okay permit assent bless sanction concur approve give the nod make a deal say yes sign off on eliminate carve extract sever delete displace exclude extirpate oust supersede supplant usurp exsect refrain from commit let go depart bolt escape flee betray fly tergiversate abscond light jilt maroon decamp split duck apostatize beach strand chuck check out take off throw over crawl out go AWOL go over the hill go west leave stranded play truant run out on sneak off take a hike violate oath halt break off knock off surcease give over have done with not do shed repeal dump dispose of scrap remove ditch jettison junk expel repudiate divorce cashier dispatch protest dispossess banish do away with shake off throw away throw out deep-six adios cast aside free of put by sweep away throw overboard toss aside terminate intervene separate interpose disjoin disconnect finish kill disunite close dissever blow off call it quits put an end to get rid of abolish ignore disregard brush aside pass over abstain from render needless endure shoot lower plunge tumble dive slump slide plummet go down slip release fell sink loosen topple unload flop floor descend pitch depress plump bring down keel over nose-dive forfeit abort sacrifice dismiss disown remit break with call off cast off eighty-six wipe out be alienated from dust off forget about part from wash out waste one give notice break up conclude wind up wrap up culminate delay settle expire resolve achieve complete accomplish perorate crown consummate ultimate determine postpone dissolve close out cut short shut down call it a day get done pack it in pull the plug put the lid on sew up switch off top off double elude shy away from swear off have no truck with let well enough alone not touch steer clear of apprehend arrest bring to justice bring to trial die perish bend go under be casualty be destroyed be killed be lost be taken defer to eat dirt fall to pieces lie down pass into enemy hands disclaim set aside drift away kiss goodbye leave flat show the door change one's tune recall retract donate supply provide entrust present commend consign feed find relegate fork out fork up go cold turkey let up spell give a rest leave alone lie by evacuate suffer squander fail bereave consume misplace lavish deplete dissipate rob exhaust disinherit expend drain default misspend divest be careless be impoverished be reduced become poorer fail to keep fall short suffer loss use up book exit get off push off go away from hang it up leave hanging take a walk secede cut it out get on the wagon kick over kick the habit pack in quit cold resist restrain inhibit be temperate slacken relax subside soften slow ebb wane melt moderate weaken ease off be merciful cool it die away ease up on give quarter give some slack go easy on have mercy have pity lay back let it happen lighten up mellow out show mercy change one's mind restore distribute return minister pay exchange trade repay impart tender furnish swap make restitution give back make available pay back disavow arrogate defect throw off apostacize divorce oneself from tergiverse toss over wash hands of beguile break faith bunk deceive delude disappoint double-cross mislead stab in the back take in deliver up four-flush play false rat on sell down the river freeze prolong put off pigeonhole sideline table hold up tie up mothball prorogue hang up hold off hold over lay aside put aside put on back burner put on hold put on ice slow up assign confer confide delegate pass on annul revoke reverse quash empty rescind abrogate move out move out of decry depreciate downgrade underrate undervalue cross out mark down take a loss on buy sag crumple admit defeat fold up give oneself over lay down arms suffer defeat recede put one's tail between one's legs sadden dishearten lose heart reimbursement kickback rebate discount compensation repayment allowance retribution satisfaction consolation settlement acquittance remuneration give-back give-up

Antonyms of give up

withstand fight hold out stand up to remain assert challenge claim defy treasure usurp keep come stay continue do defend win pursue assume maintain retain use indulge accept allow embrace want face meet encourage permit uphold dispute dissent refuse reject advance go forward persist restart fasten mend put together obey stabilize cause hide wait attach fix join secure agree strengthen keep quiet secret conquer deny disallow disapprove withhold gain guard oppose take over dissuade disobey condemn prevent ignore rebuff resist fail neglect decline repudiate veto contradict disacknowledge disagree demur protest forbid object differ include add put in capture limit restrain restrict confine detain imprison be quiet aid assist come back stop care help support complete go on persevere resume finish carry on endure keep on sanction choose ratify welcome save take in admit commence create unite connect begin initiate bear give birth retry note pay attention regard increase ascend compliment praise pour take up rise go up build downpour mount schedule set up marry carry out engage unsettle introduce open take on like love climb attain overcome overthrow scale reach go back revert rediscover return corroborate go back to hire employ hoard accumulate achieve confront collect gather starve fill succeed hold on to come in enter arrive release go ahead let go jump in worry grow free conceal suppress obscure seize leave alone remove cloud confuse condone dirty organize protect receive validate enforce overflow occupy figure straighten counter

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