give way meaning in telugu

Word: give way
 Meaning of give way in english - budge, chicken out, collapse, crack, crash, crumple, despair, fall, give, obey, relent, retire, sag, snap, split, submit, succumb, weaken, withdraw, yield, cry uncle, superannuate

Meanings in telugu :

chatikilu ( చతికిలు )

Synonyms of give way

bend propel shift move influence sway push slide persuade remove inch convince stir roll change locomote change position avoid back down back out bow out cancel cop out make concessions pull out recant renege resign scratch surrender welsh back pedal beg off blow it off funk out get cold feet give up go back on have no stomach for shy from throw in the towel turn yellow weasel out wiggle out wimp out worm out topple founder disintegrate faint shatter break fail drop exhaust droop wilt subside deflate fold flag weary languish crack up give in go to pieces keel over cave in fall down belly up conk out flake out give out flip blow up go crazy break down become deranged become insane bug out go bonkers lose it blow one's mind smash plunge hurtle tumble ditch dive collide bump slip meet overturn sprawl upset lurch pancake pitch bite the dust overbalance prang washout crash-land drive into fall flat fall headlong fall prostrate go in plough into splash down crush buckle scrunch screw wad ruck pucker crease crinkle crimp wrinkle shrivel rimple crimple relinquish despond renounce flatten abandon destroy take down be hopeless have heavy heart let air out lose faith lose heart go down slump die perish capitulate go under be casualty be destroyed be killed be lost be taken defer to eat dirt fall to pieces lie down pass into enemy hands hand over grant devote lend allow open crumble cede concede shrink flex relax sink retreat slacken recede contract bow to fold up execute accept observe embrace heed carry out comply respond accord accede concur acquiesce perform keep discharge answer follow assent agree fulfill abide by knuckle under toe the line adhere to live by act upon be loyal to be ruled by do as one says do what is expected do what one is told get in line hold fast play second fiddle take orders do one's bidding do one's duty quit soften forbear slow ebb wane melt moderate come around ease off let go be merciful cool it die away ease up on give quarter give some slack go along with go easy on have mercy have pity lay back let it happen lighten up mellow out say uncle show mercy change one's mind depart separate revoke secede exit regress decamp repeal rescind draw back fall back get off take off turn in rusticate absent oneself deny oneself get away give ground give up work go away go to bed go to sleep hit the sack leave service make vacant pull back run along seclude oneself sever connections stop working go to one's room fall off drop off dip decline swag flop flap bulge lean curve bag settle dangle fall away hang down fracture click pop crackle come apart divide tear splinter isolate rip disband fork cleave disjoin burst divorce hack bifurcate branch diverge gape slit sunder slash disunite whack dissever dichotomize come undone go separate ways part company put asunder acknowledge withstand kowtow appease humor stoop indulge truckle tolerate give away eat crow be submissive go with the flow grin and bear it lay down arms put up with resign oneself pass away cease decease expire demise croak fall victim to give in to give up the ghost meet waterloo pack it in show white flag take the count depress lower dilute halt dwindle lessen reduce cripple impair decrease abate diminish sap undermine invalidate debilitate limp impoverish enervate tremble debase vitiate fade totter devitalize adulterate relapse mitigate minimize thin temper break up water down lose spirit slow down thin out disengage eliminate drop out abjure switch book quail vacate recoil detach extract bail out check out phase out draw away ease out exfiltrate get lost keep aloof keep apart make oneself scarce take a hike take away take leave take out buy abdicate admit defeat call it quits come to terms give oneself over part with suffer defeat put one's tail between one's legs pension

Antonyms of give way

hinder remain dissuade prevent repress suppress hold keep fix stay stop discourage steady leave alone straighten accomplish achieve mend invigorate refresh inflate activate energize withhold grow increase create succeed strengthen rise build misunderstand be calm compose ascend flatten smooth hope wish for pursue anticipate expect have faith disobey climb attain overcome overthrow fight go up scale advance reach win deny refuse tighten put together enlarge stretch conceal refrain withstand finish join disagree expand face meet extend forge take hold up disregard ignore reject disallow disapprove protest dispute object dissent mutiny rebel forget miss neglect decline overlook ask question argue oppose differ fail worry continue free come in arrive begin enter bulge draw up combine liberate loose unite sew wait hide attach close pull together contradict veto resist defend be born bear conquer compliment praise aid assist prolong animate improve clean enhance purify incite excite build up encourage develop help agitate aggravate persevere permit engage assert counter

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