glance meaning in telugu

Word: glance
 Meaning of glance in english - brief look, reflection of light, look at briefly, reflect light, ricochet, hit off of something

Meanings in telugu :

paaruv ( పారువ )

Identical words :

glance aside - besuku ( బెసుకు )

Synonyms of glance

peek glimpse swivel flash eye slant gander lamp sight peep squint view eyeball fleeting look look-see quick look glimmer glisten twinkle glint shimmer sparkle gleam coruscation peer scan browse gaze check out dip into run through take in flip through get a load of leaf through riffle through run over skim through take a gander thumb through shine coruscate glitter skip bounce dart kiss carom shave rebound slide scrape touch graze contact careen brush strike

Antonyms of glance

stare dullness

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