goad meaning in telugu

Word: goad
 Meaning of goad in english - stimulus, egg on, incite

Meanings in telugu :

srini ( సృణి )

Identical words :

goad attached tostirrup - panne ( పన్నె )

Synonyms of goad

desire urge incitement compulsion impetus zeal incitation drive incentive lust pressure motivation passion catalyst impulse irritation lash prod spur whip impulsion tease coerce harass hound provoke force propel move sting thrust arouse prompt animate exhort irritate sound encourage trigger worry instigate prick bully needle excite inspirit spark annoy impel push stimulate turn on work up goose sic rowel fire up key up

Antonyms of goad

disgust dislike hate hatred hindrance indifference deterrent block discouragement diversion restraint surrender dissuade calm lull quiet prevent deaden aid soothe praise repress suppress leave alone stop pull bore halt please depress

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