goblet meaning in telugu

Word: goblet
 Meaning of goblet in english - cup, flask, glass, beaker, chalice

Meanings in telugu :

chembu ( చెంబు )

Synonyms of goblet

mug drink bowl potion grail vessel teacup cannikin stein tumbler draught cupful taster demitasse jug vial urn decanter canteen crock retort jar ewer noggin bag bottle fiasco flagon crystal carafe demijohn alembic gourd cruet ampulla horn caster phial flacon flasket pony jigger pilsener snifter

Related English Telugu Meaning

goblingod brahmagod indragod of battlegod of beautygod of deathgod of firegod of hellgod of love as being born in our bodiesgod of lovegod of richesgod of the eagod of the sky corresponding to the roman jupiter armed with thunder-bolts and noted fgod of the windgod of wargodgoddess kāligoddess of deathgoddess of naturegoddess of plenty and prosperity
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