government meaning in telugu

Word: government
 Meaning of government in english - management, administration

Meanings in telugu :

sistu ( సిస్తు )

Identical words :

government of words insentence - anvayamu ( అన్వయము )
government money so sent - irusaalu ( ఇరుసాలు )
government tax - kintu ( కిన్తు )

Synonyms of government

power ministry union authority state rule politics law regime control regimentation predominance executive supremacy empire guidance governance regulation superiority sovereignty sway bureaucracy direction jurisdiction restraint regency polity domination influence execution patronage supervision command dominion superintendence Washington statecraft presidency Uncle Sam political practice powers-that-be

Antonyms of government

weakness inferiority submission anarchy chaos coup insurrection lawlessness mutiny revolt powerlessness subservience opposition

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