gravelly meaning in telugu

Word: gravelly
 Meaning of gravelly in english - gritty, guttural, hoarse, powdery, raspy

Meanings in telugu :

morap ( మొరప )

Identical words :

gravelly soil - shaarkarilamu ( శార్కరిలము )

Synonyms of gravelly

dusty rough grainy abrasive crumbly friable loose lumpy permeable porous rasping sandy scratchy branlike calculous in particles pulverant sabulous low grating husky thick gruff harsh inarticulate sepulchral throaty growling glottal raucous discordant blatant cracked dry indistinct jarring piercing ragged scratching strident uneven whispering croaking croaky breathy croupy squawking stertorous stridulous chalky crumbling fine impalpable mealy granular pulverulent arenaceous arenose branny floury

Antonyms of gravelly

cowardly spineless fine smooth afraid dulcet thin polite soothing soft nice

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