guess meaning in telugu

Word: guess
 Meaning of guess in english - belief, speculation, try to figure out, imagine

Meanings in telugu :

ō ( ఓ )

Synonyms of guess

presumption conjecture inference hunch prediction supposition theory assumption hypothesis opinion guesswork feeling judgment conclusion deduction surmise shot postulate presupposition notion postulation suspicion fancy stab estimate reckoning induction divination view ballpark figure shot in the dark guesstimate supposal surmisal sneaking suspicion speculate divine calculate suggest pretend fathom think suppose presume solve believe predicate deduce deem select hypothesize suspect opine hazard chance judge penetrate theorize reason survey venture pick work out dare say go out on a limb happen upon jump to a conclusion lump it size up take a shot at take a stab at

Antonyms of guess

reality knowledge measurement truth fact proof certainty calculation ignore abstain misunderstand disbelieve refuse reject prove neglect question

Related English Telugu Meaning

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