hateful meaning in telugu

Word: hateful
 Meaning of hateful in english - nasty, obnoxious

Meanings in telugu :

asahyamu ( అసహ్యము )

Identical words :

hatefulness - ēv ( ఏవ )

Synonyms of hateful

abhorrent vile spiteful vicious disgusting heinous despicable repulsive ornery odious bitter abominable accursed awful catty confounded damnable damned detestable evil execrable forbidding foul gross infamous invidious loathsome malevolent malign mean offensive pesky pestiferous repellent repugnant revolting undesirable blasted despiteful horrid resentful cussed shuddersome

Antonyms of hateful

kind pleasing pleasant attractive desirous wonderful friendly likable lovable polite gentle nice good likeable agreeable

Related English Telugu Meaning

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