heed meaning in telugu

Word: heed
 Meaning of heed in english - care, thought, give care, thought to

Meanings in telugu :

saraku ( సరకు )

Identical words :

As noun :
heedlessness - upēksh ( ఉపేక్ష )
As adjective :
heedful - tatparudu ( తత్పరుడు )

Synonyms of heed

observance deliberation mind caution respect concentration watchfulness debate concern heedfulness mark note application interest notice regard attention carefulness consideration ear remark observation study cognizance spotlight TLC listen up tender loving care observe hear obey dig hark attend sit see hearken catch follow baby-sit bear in mind pick up ride herd on toe the line take to heart be aware be guided by follow orders get a load of give ear keep eye peeled keep tabs mind the store pay attention stay in line take notice of watch out watch over watch the store do one's bidding

Antonyms of heed

heedlessness thoughtlessness negligence disdain disrespect ignorance indifference disregard carelessness inattention neglect disinterest ignore misunderstand forget overlook

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