hinder meaning in telugu

Word: hinder
 Meaning of hinder in english - prevent, slow down

Meanings in telugu :

arikattu ( అరికట్టు )

Identical words :

hinder part ofhorses body - paanchakamu ( పంచకము )
hinder part - puchchhamu ( పుచ్ఛము )

Synonyms of hinder

obstruct hamstring retard thwart burden prohibit handicap preclude inhibit cripple deter delay hold up impede interfere interrupt curb crimp frustrate hamper block cramp clog fetter neutralize terminate snafu resist counteract check muzzle stymie debar arrest crab contravene balk stop stay offset bottleneck hog-tie choke trammel oppose encumber hold back shut out louse up box in

Antonyms of hinder

aid assist permit further expedite facilitate release unblock loosen liberate help promote support advance push encourage forward allow let go free open begin start

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