impenetrable meaning in telugu

Word: impenetrable
 Meaning of impenetrable in english - dense, incomprehensible

Meanings in telugu :

agamyamu ( అగమ్యము )

Synonyms of impenetrable

impervious impassable close compact firm hard hermetic impermeable inviolable solid substantial thick bulletproof unpiercable unintelligible unfathomable baffling unaccountable arcane inexplicable inscrutable mysterious cabalistic dark enigmatic hidden indiscernible mystic obscure sibylline Delphic enigmatical incognizable ungraspable

Antonyms of impenetrable

penetrable permeable porous comprehensible intelligible open clear soft thin understandable explainable explicable known

Related English Telugu Meaning

imper let us giveimperative ofimperative rise yeimperativeimperceptible by the sensesimperceptible to the sensesimperceptibleimperfectimperishableimpertinenceimpertinentimpetuosityimpetuousimpetusimplementimploreimplying certainityimplying intensityimplying something in additionimplying something that has not been expressed
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