improper meaning in telugu

Word: improper
 Meaning of improper in english - not suitable, vulgar, immoral

Meanings in telugu :

ayuktamu ( అయుక్తము )

Identical words :

improper conduct - anaachaaramu ( అనాచారము )

Synonyms of improper

incorrect unwarranted inadmissible inaccurate irregular inappropriate wrong erroneous awkward ill-advised imprudent abnormal bad form discordant discrepant ill-timed inadvisable inapplicable inapt incongruous inexpedient inharmonious inopportune ludicrous malapropos odd preposterous uncalled-for undue unfit unseasonable unsuitable unsuited untimely infelicitous unapt unbefitting uncomely false at odds inapposite off-base out-of-place out-of-season unfitting untoward unjust indecent wrongful unseemly unethical blue dirty impolite indecorous indelicate lewd malodorous naughty risqué rough salacious suggestive unbecoming unconventional ungodly unequitable unrighteous

Antonyms of improper

acceptable appropriate valid honest OK suitable wise fitting moral correct right true reasonable accurate proper decent formal good uncorrupt ethical fair

Related English Telugu Meaning

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