incantation meaning in telugu

Word: incantation
 Meaning of incantation in english - spell, magic

Meanings in telugu :

mantramu ( మంత్రము )

Synonyms of incantation

hymn enchantment hocus-pocus abracadabra necromancy hoodoo hex witchcraft charm sorcery formula invocation voodoo black magic open sesame rune bewitchment wizardry conjuring conjuration ala kazam

Related English Telugu Meaning

incarincendiaryincenseincessantincessantlyinchinciteincitementincivilityinclination to do any thinginclination to lickinclination to seizeinclinationinclosureincluded inincluded placeincludedincluding the personinclusion inaspartincoherent speech
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