inferior meaning in telugu

Word: inferior
 Meaning of inferior in english - less in rank, importance, poor, second-rate, person of lesser rank, importance

Meanings in telugu :

lōkuv ( లోకువ )

Identical words :

inferiority - burulu ( బురులు )

Synonyms of inferior

secondary lower bottom minus subordinate subsidiary peon menial junior minor nether smaller subjacent under underneath back seat bottom-rung entry-level second-banana second-fiddle second-string lousy substandard indifferent mediocre junk lemon worse fair average middling bad base common hack imperfect ordinary good-for-nothing mean paltry sad sorry tawdry two-bit wretched déclassé low-grade second-class low-rent poorer satellite adherent auxiliary deputy minion hanger-on hireling sycophant follower subaltern attendant underling disciple subject

Antonyms of inferior

chief extraordinary first-class first-rate foremost superior important major necessary best better abnormal unusual honest excellent exceptional extreme good noble uncommon manager leader boss

Related English Telugu Meaning

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