innocent meaning in telugu

Word: innocent
 Meaning of innocent in english - blameless, harmless, naive

Meanings in telugu :

avadhyamu ( అవధ్యము )

Identical words :

innocent man - anaparaadhi ( అనపరాధి )
innocent woman - mugud ( ముగుద )

Synonyms of innocent

virtuous pure legitimate uninvolved honest good virginal stainless clear safe guiltless clean upright above suspicion angelic chaste exemplary faultless immaculate impeccable inculpable irreproachable lawful legal licit pristine righteous sinless spotless unblemished unimpeachable unsullied untainted cleanhanded crimeless free of guilt-free impeccant in the clear not guilty uncensurable uncorrupt unoffending gullible ignorant innocuous childlike square simple frank raw open artless credulous fresh guileless inexperienced ingenuous inoffensive soft unacquainted unfamiliar unschooled unsophisticated unstudied unworldly youthful unobjectionable unoffensive wide-eyed hurtless innoxious inobnoxious offenseless unartificial uncool unhurtful uninjurious unmalicious unsuspicious well-intentioned

Antonyms of innocent

immoral sinful guilty blamable evil experienced impure knowledgeable unvirtuous stained bad corrupt cunning untrusting wise dishonest unclear

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